Glazing problems

emergency glazier glass 2

This post is a little off point, but I wanted to write about my glass problems at home, although it isn’t about military vehicles. It is important to me as I have breakages after the recent storms in my area.

We basically had 3 windows smashed during the storms, which was quite a big deal. And thankfully we have a great local glazier, who dealt with all 3 windows in 2 visits, the first to board up the windows, which was a great job as they arrived in under an hour and just got on with it.

The second visit was 2 days later and all windows fixed and it was such a relief. They arrived with the exact glass we needed and fitted it perfectly. This was an enormous relief as you can imagine, it is quite a scary experience to have 3 windows broken, we have never had that before.

So, sorry it wasn’t about military vehicles but it is my blog and I wanted to write about things in my life as well.

Happy new year to you all and I hope it is a happy and healthy one.







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Military Vehicle Videos

I have selected 3 videos from Youtube that show off some amazing military vehicles, I did start you off with 2 great videos on my Welcome to my blog page.

Here are 3 more that show the power and awesomeness of these type of vehicles.

Please get back to me with your comments as I would love to discuss your views. They are crazy vehicles, and these guys get to drive them, so lucky.

Would you like to drive these big boys?

I know I would and enjoy it so much.

M813 6×6 2nd video – 5 Ton Military Vehicle Fun

Military Vehicles [USA]: ELSORV – US Army

Military Vehicles Offroading

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Military vehicles

green military vehicle


Military vehicles are very interesting as there are so many and have evolved into amazing vehicles over the years, becoming more and more technical and designed to do a specific job.

Hummer’s are the classic vehicle and potentially the most famous for all the reason’s we understand. They are one of the only military vehicle to transcend into civilian life along with some of the Jeep’s obviously. And also become limousines as well, which is a stretch. (did you see what I did there?)

sandy military vehicle


Jeep’s have done extremely well and are still going in the civilian world as well as the military world.

In world war 2, there was the universal bren gun carrier that could carry up to 14 troops, it was very versatile, it could be air lifted. Over 100,000 were made, a very successful vehicle.


hummer milltary


The Stryker from the US Army was introduced in 2002 and was a vehicle that could transport up to nine troops as well as the team driving and looking after it. And could get up to 60 miles per hour.

The Bradley was very successful in the 1960’s and allowed the troops inside to fire out while being protected. Design came from Russian and German plans.



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Welcome to my blog

sandy military vehicle

Welcome to my new blog on military vehicles.

I do love military vehicles, especially as you will find out, the beautifully charismatic Hummer. It is an amazing vehicle, that has crossed over from a military vehicle, specially designed for the US forces to a leisure vehicle and a limousine, which is crazy.

I will write about more than Hummer’s although they do seem to be my favourite vehicles of the military variety. What vehicles do you like?

Tell me, I am interested in what you like. My contact details are on the contact page.

Happy reading and look forward to hearing from you.

Here is a taster video from YouTube

Russian Military OFF ROAD 4WD Drive Military Vehicle

YouTube video of a Marines Military Truck Tour

Marines Military Truck Tour – YouTube



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